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Author: Petra

Why am I going to torture my body and mind --again--this weekend to spend miles and miles on my bike while not even going to get a chance to win a medal for this torture? Those are just some of the questions going through my mind , while pedaling my bike home from a long day's work. [caption id="attachment_1200" align="alignright" width="150"] Riding the L.O.S.T.[/caption]
When Ron signed me up for this insane Brevet Series, my initial thoughts were: This is absolutely crazy! There is no way I could ever physically accomplish this, nor do I have the mental power to go through with this.
Believe it or not, despite my profession I am NOT a big fan of torture, especially if I am the one that has to endure it. 

Saving Money for Long Term Travel

Many of you already know that our ultimate plan is to take an extended vacation and travel as far as we can around the globe by bike!  Well, before doing so we have to get our monthly bills down and save as much money as we can.  At first we thought this was going to be a little difficult and/or nearly impossible, but once we sat down and looked at our bills, we realized that it might not be as hard as we thought.  We had to decide what was more