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Author: Ron

[caption id="attachment_3628" align="alignleft" width="300"] Conner Preserve Entrance[/caption] Friday evening our original weekend plans started unraveling and by saturday morning they completely fell apart. So instead of just sitting around we decided to pack our bikes and go bike camping.  The next question was, where to go. We wanted to try somewhere new and it needed to be fairly close (within a 50 mile radius) to
[caption id="attachment_3064" align="alignleft" width="225"] Final Fill-up. Notice the "trip" mileage! That is on 14ish Gallons![/caption] We sold our beloved VW TDI last week and she will be sorely missed. However, it just seemed like the right time to make it happen and it is one more domino down and one step closer to making our "Bike Around the World" trip possible.  
It's been almost two months since we returned home from our European bike tour and although we haven't posted any updates, we've been pretty busy. For starters, when Ron returned to work he immediately went on call for the week and one of his teammates was resigning and moving on to bigger and better things. Needless to say, the first week back to work sucked! However, on our second weekend home Ron decided to go and compete in a XC MTB race in Gainesville, FL.
[caption id="attachment_2944" align="alignleft" width="300"] A view of a castle through a hole in a rock[/caption] This is it, our final day of cycling and tonight we’ll be back in Neustadt/Aisch; however, not before cycling 62 miles along the Danube River and crossing the Austrian/German border. After waking up and having breakfast we strolled through the flea market at the Linz square before hitting the Donau Radweg.
Just on the other side of Langenlebarn we came across a playground with a Seilbahn (not sure what it’s called in English) and just like little kids, we jumped off our bikes and took turns going for a ride.  Not sure what the attraction is, but it’s always a blast riding on
[caption id="attachment_2895" align="alignleft" width="200"] the paparazzi[/caption] Before continuing our bike tour from Bratislava to Vienna and beyond we wanted to mail of a few post cards. While waiting for the Post Office to open we had some fun with a Bratislava's most famous paparazzi and watched a poor sap get his tire booted by the local Police!
First stop today, the ruin of Devin Castle, so we made our way to the main bus station for the 09:09 #29 bus to Devin for the short bus ride out to Devin.  After sightseeing Devin Castle we catch the bus back to Bratislava. 
[caption id="attachment_2882" align="alignleft" width="300"] Closed on Mondays[/caption] It’s Monday morning and we are standing in front of one of the fortresses in Komarom only to realize, that’s it’s Monday and all tourist sites are closed on Mondays!  So we make a command decision to take a train to Bratislava and spend some time there
[caption id="attachment_2861" align="alignleft" width="300"] Breakfast on the Donau[/caption] Before touring the ruin, we grab some food & coffee from the local store and have breakfast next to the Donau (Danube).  After checking out the former castle, we head back down the mountain and pick up EuroVelo 6 and make our way to Esztergom.  In