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The day starts out at 05:55 Friday as we leave our house and head off to work. The ride to work is a short 25 miles and since we are leaving right after work, we have all of our gear with us or as my work colleagues call it "our homeless kit."
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With summer quickly approaching it means vacations are just around the corner.  In order to help us get into the planning and travel mode, we were going through some of our past touring albums and we decided to recycle them for your reading pleasure.
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Cycling in FloridaYes, with our vacation being just around the corner it is time to step up the training. We know what you are thinking: "What in the heck are these people talking about?", "Training for vacation, are they MAD?"
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I have been itching to get out for an overnighter for several weeks, so I decided to pack up and do it. However, instead of driving home after work and grabbing the bike and then heading out, I took my gear to work, so I could ride straight from my cube! There were several reasons for going this route: 1 - It would give me more miles. 2 - I could spend more time on my bike. 
Today, we are going to take Surly Long Haul Truckers on their first bike tour. [caption id="attachment_1236" align="alignright" width="150"] Inverness, FL[/caption] Yesterday we teamed up with Sam (long long time family friend) and Jessica (our daughter) for a nice long 50 miles on the Withlacoochee Trail. In August they will be bike touring with us in Europe, so it only made sense that they start "training" for vacation now.  Jessica's bike is a gift from us for all the hard work she has done over the past several years.  It comes complete with a SON28 generator hub, B&M Lumotec light system, a Tubus rear rack, and a set of Ortlieb rear panniers.  She is ready to tour!
Even before the ball dropped in New York city, we had already started planning our big trip for the year... well sort of that is. As many of you know, we are saving and planning for a 12 to 18 month, "career break", "sabbatical", "extended vacation", or whatever you want to call it. We like referring to it as our, "Global Bike Tour", so taking a vacation has been kind of on the back burner because we're trying to save every extra penny until we realized 2011 was the year of the PBP (Paris-Brest-Paris) Brevet.

Pedal Power Touring was invited by University Bicycle Center of Tampa and was asked to setup and demo their Co-Motion Nor'Wester Touring bikes at this year's Bike Bash at Flatwoods. Considering this was a bicycle event, I felt it was only appropriate to ride...

It only took us a few extra months, but we finally put together a few webpages highlighting our most recent bicycle tour through Czech, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. We've added a small sample of photos for you to view, information about the places we stayed...

Every year puts on the Florida State XC Championship Bike Race series. The series consist of 8 races throughout Florida between September and December and racers earn points from each race depending on how they place. At the end of the series...

Yes, we know our site is dedicated to biking, but we had to post something about our most recent trip to North Georgia. For 4 days and 3 nights we backpacked on the Appalachian Trail, starting with the "Approach Trail" in Amicalola Falls State Park...