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Inaugural Ride of two new Surley Long Haul Truckers…

Inaugural Ride of two new Surley Long Haul Truckers…

Today, we are going to take Surly Long Haul Truckers on their first bike tour.

Inverness, FL

Yesterday we teamed up with Sam (long long time family friend) and Jessica (our daughter) for a nice long 50 miles on the Withlacoochee Trail. In August they will be bike touring with us in Europe, so it only made sense that they start “training” for vacation now.  Jessica’s bike is a gift from us for all the hard work she has done over the past several years.  It comes complete with a SON28 generator hub, B&M Lumotec light system, a Tubus rear rack, and a set of Ortlieb rear panniers.  She is ready to tour!


As the parents of Jessica, we can say we are very proud of her accomplishments, she graduated 1st in her High School class and will be graduating soon with her Mechanical Engineering degree from University of Florida; she has also applied for Graduate school where she plans to major in BioMedical Engineering.  For Jessica this trip is going to be a welcomed vacation after spending many hard years in school working towards her degree and before entering Graduate school.


We think Sam is experiencing the early stages of a mid-life crisis, so buying a Surly and touring Europe for a month with his extended family (that would be us) is a lot cheaper than some sporty car, like a Corvette, and way less trouble than a 20-something year old girl; not to mention, his lovely wife Terri would not approve of either!  We are looking forward to our new touring partners and can’t wait for August. Life is great!


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