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Ft. Desoto Day 1, bike overnighters in Florida

Ft. Desoto Day 1, bike overnighters in Florida

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Our first night at Ft. Desoto Campground was pretty eventless, besides our little Raccoon friend chattering at us at times and some birds sounding off it was very quiet. Since we didn’t put the top on our tent we had a nice breeze finding its way through the tent-meshing that kept us comfortable.

Somehow there is just something magical to waking up to bird songs and seeing the sun come up over the still water.

While we were waiting for Jennifer and her friend to arrive to join us on a trip to Egmont Key this morning, we heated up a cup of Joe and ate breakfast.  Amazingly we had a Blue Heron, some Squirrels, Crows, Raccoons, and various birds wander through our campsite, which made for good entertainment. They seemed to wait patiently for us to drop some crumbs, unfortunately they were not very lucky since we were pretty hungry ourselves.

Once our company arrived, we headed to the pier to catch a ferry to Egmont Key. Since it was our first time there we were very surprised on how much there was to see on this little Island. Besides the famous Lighthouse there were two Forts, several buildings, and ruins to see which were connected by never-ending brick roads and sidewalks; and of course there were many informative little plaques to go along with each historical site. After we scouted out every corner and niche of the Island we took a quick dip in the water at the beach before we caught the ferry back to the mainland.

Hungry from all this hiking we enjoyed some late lunch and decided to just hang out at the camp for a while, which mostly included some reading, swinging in our hammocks and possibly dozing off here and there.

The little Siesta helped us to refresh enough to jump on our bikes to go for a little ride around Ft. Desoto Park and do some sunset wade-fishing at the campsite afterward.

Jessica had the catch of the day–a catfish–which happened to take off with her hook, ending the fishing contest.

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