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How to Feed Two Hungry Cyclists

There are many ways to feed a hungry cyclist and unfortunately there is no way to say which one is right or wrong . However, since we spent 2 years traveling on a bike and continue to do short bike tours around our area, we would like to share how we manage to feed these two hungry bicyclists, with an intro to our camping kitchen.

Today's topic? Eating on a budget while traveling.

Most people seem to think that traveling or long-term traveling for that matter has to be expensive. If you look at the glamorous vacation-ads on TV or at travel agencies, it really seems to support that thought. We however, would like to point out, that eating on a budget while traveling is absolutely possible and enjoyable.

Bicycle touring food differs in various locations.

One of the questions we frequently get asked is: what do we eat while we are on the road, how do we prepare our meals, and what makes for good bicycle touring food.

The answer can be a little tricky, because it varies depending on where we travel and whether we are going to stay at someone's house, at a campground, or whether we plan on wild camping. Also, it differs whether it is summer or winter time. Olive oil or butter become hard to use when it is freezing outside but our bodies still crave fatty things, especially when wild camping in the snow. We found "Schmalz" to be a great substitute because even in freezing conditions it is still spreadable. On the other hand, when it is hot and steamy, we'd rather have juicy fresh fruit and we end up eating an entire watermelon at once for lunch.