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We love our new GSI Pinnacle Backpacker cookware!

We love our new GSI Pinnacle Backpacker cookware!

Bike Camping in Florida

We love our new GSI Pinnacle Backpacker cookware! In preparation of living in a tent while traveling on our bikes, not only have we been trying to figure out what cooking gear to take, but also what to cook and how to prepare meals while on the road.

Since we don’t want to live on dehydrated, prepackaged meals, that only require heating up water in a pot, we practice cooking at least one meal a week in our backyard to see what all we can come up with. We try to keep in mind that the ingredients should be somewhat easy to obtain, easy to transport in panniers, be somewhat nutritious and provide enough calories to sustain a life on the bike, and maybe that leftovers from dinner may be used in some variation for breakfast.

Unfortunately in the process we have found out that our initial cooking set was not up to par for this task, so we had to purchase a new cook set from GSI to withstand the task. Our old stainless steel “expedition” set must have been mostly made for those expeditions which only require you to heat up water to “cook” lightweight, dehydrated food in a few minutes. However, whenever we tried to make anything else: from bannek, pancakes to sausages, we were usually left with a sticky, charcoaled mess, that turned cleaning the pot and pan into a nightmare.

However, the new GSI Pinnacle Backpacker cook set is a traveling cook’s dream. So far we have been able to make pancakes with self-made blueberry sauce, quinoa, various dinners, and fry sausages,  without any problems. After we were done cooking we simply put a little bit of soapy water in the pot/pan and are able to clean them by just wiping them with a soft sponge.

 Just for fun, here is something we came up with for breakfast this morning

We had left over Quinoa from dinner and thought we could use it for breakfast,

Quinoa left overs for breakfast

First we sauteed some onions and salami (however, any left over lunch meat will do)

then we add the Quinoa and tomato (or what ever other vegetable your have available) and heat it up

Add two fresh eggs

Stir until egg is cooked, season with salt and pepper to taste

Enjoy your breakfast with some fresh fruit, bread and jam!

Guten Appetit!

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