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Helinox Chair One

Helinox Chair One

helinox chair oneWe were first introduced to the Helinox Chair One back in Rhonda, Spain by a cycle touring Dutch couple and we thought it looked like a very nice chair. However, at the time we had the Walkstool and were pleased with its performance. As we continued our journey across Portugal, Spain, and France we met other cycling tourists that were also using the Helinox Chair One and they all seemed to really like the chair and had no major complaints. By this time, we were barley using our Walkstools, preferring to just sit on the ground on our Thermarest Z-lite SOL mattresses, because we found the Walkstool to be not comfortable for extended use. So we decided to give the Helinox Chair One a try. We have now used the Helinox Chair One pretty extensively for more than 2 months and are very pleased with it.

Helinox Chair One Pros

  • it is fairly lightweight, weighing in at 836 grams (29.5 oz)
  • packs away small and into a nice case
  • has a backrest, so you can lean back and relax
  • quick to assemble
  • sits low to the ground
  • can sit on it inside our Hilleberg Nallo GT3 tent
  • appears to be very well made

Helinox Chair One Cons

  • they are not cheap

For more information and specifications please visit Helinox’s website here.

In summary, we are currently very pleased with the Helinox Chair One and would recommend it to other bicycle tourists, backpackers, hunters, and/or outdoor enthusiasts. If you are in the market for a compact, lightweight chair for your outdoor adventures and decide this is the one for you, then please continue reading. We always encourage shopping and supporting your local Mom & Pop store first; however, if you are keen on shopping through Amazon, please use the link provided below or the one located in the footer section of the blog. We get a small kickback and all proceeds will go towards maintaining our blog. Thank you!

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