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Highway Robbed!!!

Highway Robbed!!!

No, not us and hopefully not you either, but now that we have your attention we would like to tell you about the bracelets that you may have seen us wearing in our photos.


A major concern for most travelers is being robbed and not having any money or any way of getting more money while out on the road. Well a friend of ours sent us these bracelets shortly before setting off on our great adventure and to our surprise he added a little something extra to them.


Initially, we were just happy having the extra rope for emergencies, but after speaking with him and finding out what else was inside them, we were very happy and grateful for the gift. Brian slipped us a little cash inside our bracelets thinking that bandits would never think of taking them.


So after we give up our throw down wallet, empty our shoes, and finally our credit cards, we will still have enough emergency cash to hopefully get us a beer and phone call back home!


If you are interested in having one made, contact us and we will give you Brian’s information. You can then work out the details with him regarding prices and how much rope you would like to have. These can also be made to fit around your ankle if you would prefer this.





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