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Replacing Hilleberg Tent Zipper Sliders

Replacing Hilleberg Tent Zipper Sliders

Our Hilleberg Tent

Over the past few weeks, one of our Hilleberg tent zipper sliders has not been working like it should be. So the time has come to replace the worn out slider before going any further north. After 15 months on the road and nearly a solid year of using our Hilleberg Nallo GT3 in all types of environments, it is only expected that items start to wear out.  Before watching the video or getting the wrong idea about Hilleberg, please know that our Nallo GT3 has been through a lot and is still holding up very nicely. Our original tent that we purchased for bike touring and hiking failed miserably after about 100 nights of easy weekend type camping. This is what prompted us to purchase the Hilleberg Nallo GT3 before setting off on our big adventure. We do have a love-hate relationship with our Nallo GT3, but this tent shines in the worst of weather conditions.  If we were to have any gripes about the tent, it would be the amount of condensation it gets; otherwise, we are very pleased with the Nallo GT3 and it has served us very well.

Replacing the Zipper Slider

So now back to replacing your zipper sliders. After searching the World Wide Web and coming up with nothing on how to replace Hilleberg tent zipper sliders, we thought we would throw together a little video on what we did.


 Action Photos

Here are a few photos of our Hilleberg Nallo GT 3 in action!





Virginia, USA

romantische strasse

Along the Romantish Strasse

via claudia agusta

Southern Germany




Cold and raining in Italy

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    • Petra
      Posted at 02:47h, 19 June Reply

      Hello Jeff, thank you and yes we hope to continue up towards Norway. We just arrived in Poland yesterday afternoon.

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