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A Day At The Races

A Day At The Races

Every year puts on the Florida State XC Championship Bike Race series. The series consist of 8 races throughout Florida between September and December and racers earn points from each race depending on how they place. The Scooter At the end of the series each racer’s points are totaled and if you’re lucky enough to have done well, you are titled the Champ of your race class. Race classes are broken down into age and skill set (i.e. 40-49 Expert or 19-29 Sport). Today’s race was located in Alafia State Park and normally, I participate in the series and have a ton of fun torturing myself. Unfortunately, I have not been able to train over the last few months and the last time I raced without some training it cost me a cracked rib and 6 weeks off he bike. However, I was able to get out and practice my video recording techniques and put together this sub 5 minute video for everyone to view. It should also be noted that the bike trails at Alafia, as well as all the other MTB parks, are all maintained by volunteers and donations.


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