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An Inspiration

An Inspiration

Barbara enjoying the view at Wall Springs Park

“What if she is a little crazy? What are we going to do if we have nothing to talk about or just can’t stand her, can we just make her go away again?”, “Is it actually rude to just offer yard room, or should we offer her to sleep inside?….”But it’s soooo cool, she’s been traveling by herself half way around the world!!..”

The list of thoughts, exciting and doubting,  just keeps going on as we are anticipating the arrival of our first Warm Showers Guest. Being somewhat private people, it’s not excactly easy for us to invite strangers into our house to give them food and shelter. That’s part of the reason our profile only offers “camp space in the back yard”. However, we rarerly ever have been so pleasantly surprised.

Our first guest, Barbara–a young solo world traveler by bike from Austria–has been a host’s dream. Her stories have been an inspiration, we have learned of new ways of traveling…who knew that it is possible to hitchhike sailboats across the Atlantic?!– and

Trash art souvenir, Thanks Barbara

we have learned that what we thought is a minimalist’s travel-style is still traveling in luxury. Her resourcefulness is amazing; she simply finds items on her way to become useful things along her journey. Coconuts turn into bowls and cups, she doesn’t worry about where to get fuel for her stove, because a can has been turned into her hobo-stove which is fueled by little pieces of wood.  She spends idle times playing her guitarlele or making trash-art or pottery from clay she found along her way. Her beliefs coincide with her actions and her genuine personality have been so refreshing and reassuring that offering her a bed in the house just came natural.

Father’s day barbecue

After three days of  making dinners together, repairing her trusty bike, spending fathers day with our family, sharing stories over a glass of wine, taking her for a short bike ride  to show her what this area had to offer, and helping with putting a route together for her next journey to the west coast, it was time to part.

Early in the morning we set off to show Barbara the way to Jessica who would ride with her to the bike path. We were sad to see her leave but also excited for her, that she will have many more great adventures ahead of her.

Good luck on your travels, Barbara;  you have been a true inspiration!

leaving early in the morning to continue on her adventure

Some useful links Barbara shared with us  (Barbara’s blog can be found there, called : Bärbel’s Reiseblog) (for hitching sailboats)


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