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Another Domino Down

Another Domino Down

Final Fill-up. Notice the “trip” mileage! That is on 14ish Gallons!

We sold our beloved VW TDI last week and she will be sorely missed. However, it just seemed like the right time to make it happen and it is one more domino down and one step closer to making our “Bike Around the World” trip possible.  We now only have our 2005 xB and it will be shared between 3 drivers, us and our daughter that is still living at home while she attends college.  It’s going to take some juggling, but we’re confident everything will work out just fine. The biggest change will be for Ron, instead of commuting 2 or 3 times a week to and from work, he will now be doing it everyday. This means he has to get up at 04:45, leave the house by 05:40 and then ride just over 5 miles to the bus stop to catch the 06:05 bus to work.  Then ride home 25 miles after work, regardless of sun, wind, rain, and/or snow! Just kidding about the snow, we live in West Central Florida.  Petra has been commuting just about full time now for the past 3 years, so she really won’t notice the difference until it’s time to make a Home Depot run! She may find it hard to put all those new plants on the back of her bike, but she’s smart and she’ll figure it out. No worries there!

2009 VW TDI Sportwagen

  • Jim & Sandra Mullaney
    Posted at 06:43h, 16 November Reply

    Hey you two,
    Keep pushing those dominoes over. your trip will be here before you know it. What’s your timeline?
    Now that our trip is almost over, we need to follow someone else’s vicariously.
    If you make it down under, there’s a welcome for you in Perth 🙂

    Keep pedalling!!!

    Jim & Sandra

    • Petra
      Posted at 06:21h, 17 November Reply

      With our kids still in college, we are not a 100% sure of our timeline yet. We’d love to get going in spring of 2013, but as you know there are many factors in “real life” that can change things. By the way rolling through Perth may be on our list….thanks for the invite!

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