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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you going?

Lot of places to explore on the map

Lot of places to explore on the map

We will roll out of our garage right here in Florida to head north into Canada, then head to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, South East Asia, Australia, .., ……..the world is our limit!

How long will you be gone?

A few years ago we thought, how nice it would be to take a few months off to travel. Then we started looking at a world map and how much there is to see and to explore and we quickly figured out that a few months just wouldn’t be enough to get a feel for the world. So we are hoping to travel for about 18 to 24 months to make the most of it.


What does your family think?

Initially family and friends were voicing some concerns, but the more we researched and planned, and the more we talked about this adventure, the more others became happy and excited for us. Our girls seem to be very excited for us….and that is all that matters!


Are you scared?

Not really. So far we did not encounter any really scary situations. Stealth camping may need some getting used to, but there are many other people that have done it before us. People in general have been welcoming and nice everywhere we have travelled before. The most worrisome may be weather conditions and not having food or water readily available in some areas, but we are trying to prepare ourselves the best we can for those scenarios.


How do you carry all this stuff?

bike with panniers

bike with panniers

In our back pocket…well maybe it won’t quite fit; however, we have some very handy Ortlieb panniers and dry bags which will be secured to our trusted, steely steeds to carry everything we will need, including the kitchen sink.


Is it safe?

We guess the question should be: “is it dangerous?” Well, not really any more than staying home and driving to work with other people on the street paying more attention to their cellphones, putting make up on, and reading the news paper while driving. Or riding along road raged or drunk drivers paying little respect to their fellow traffic participants. It is not any more dangerous than living a sedentary lifestyle, sitting on the couch with a bag of potato chips and watching TV all day, while waiting for a heart-attack or stroke. Nor is it any more dangerous than going to the gym while stepping off the treadmill the wrong way and breaking a leg. Danger is really more in the eye of the beholder and his individual fears. In general the chances to get robbed, mugged, or run over by a car are really not any different than if you would live a ‘normal’ life, where you leave your home to go shopping, visit new friends, or just go to work.


Where will you sleep?

We plan on staying most nights in our Hilleberg Tent, either stealthy hid away

Stealth camping in our new home

Stealth camping in our new home

in the wild or maybe we’ll set it up with the permission of some nice people on their land. Other nights we’ll look forward to meeting new people via Warm Showers and Couch Surfing to stay in their homes along the way. Oh yeah, and of course the occasional Hostel, Penzion, Gasthaus, B+B, private room, official camp site, or what ever else we can find within our budget that may offer us a shower every once in a while.


What will you eat?

Chow Time!

Chow Time!

Pretty much anything in sight (minus the cats and dogs), that’s the beauty of cycle touring: you need to eat to fuel up to keep going. On a serious note, we’ll try to shop at local grocery stores and cook meals on our MSR International Whisper Light stove. Besides that, we’ll try to eat as much of the local cuisine as possible, for one to keep cost down, and also to get to experience the local flavors and to meet local people.


Are you rich?

NO! We are taxpaying, working stiffs. But we learned to live within our means and how to save up. This adventure has been in the making for over 3 years; we worked hard, saved like crazy, and made a lot of choices….and we are very lucky to be two very healthy individuals.


What are you going to miss the most?

Family and friends, we definitely will miss our daughters the most. After that maybe frequent showers, a comfy bed, a real toilet, readily available phone and internet service, and being able to get away from each other at times.


What will be most challenging about this trip?

We usually look forward to new challenging situations, not knowing the language can make things a little difficult at times, but we have become quite good at “travelers-sign-language”. One of the major challenges will be that we will spend all day – every day – together. We believe to be each other’s best friend, but even best friends can get on each other’s nerves and will be ready to get away from each other when they are stuck together in a tend for a couple of years. We are sure we will learn a lot about our selfs and each other on this trip–even after 25 years of marriage. Another challenge will be to try to lean how to play the Harmonica and Guitarlele while we are on the road.


What will you do when you come back?

Not sure yet….. maybe hike the Appalachian Trail or the Inca Trail (or both?), maybe ride The Great Divide, maybe start a bike touring business or teach people how to tour, or maybe we’ll try to find work again to get back into the “civilized world”. For sure we will spend lots of good times with friends and family.




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