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A little more than a year ago we decided to take our, “Global Bike Tour” dream to the next step or should we say, the next serious step.  For several years, Ron has talked about touring across America, parts of Canada, & all around Europe, but that was all just crazy talk. Well his talking led to research, the research led to crunching numbers, and the crunching of numbers led to even more crazy talk.  All the while Petra, the sensible one, would just let Ron crazy talk away and not really taking the idea serious.  Well that all changed last year when we met David van Aller from California on a bus trip out to visit Auschwitz in Poland.  At the time David was about 9 months into his world tour and had plans on being on the road for about 12 months, maybe longer if the Euro stayed down.  For the next several hours the 3 of us hung out and that evening we had dinner and beers before parting ways.  However, before going our separate ways we discovered that our paths might cross again in Budapest and if they did, we agreed to meet and take it from there.  Seven days later our paths crossed and for the next 3 days the three of us toured Budapest together.

Ron & David viewing Maj. Gen. Harry Hill Bandholtz Memorial – Budapest

This gave us time to get to know David and David time to get to know us.  In between the sights, we picked David’s brain on how his planning went into taking this trip.  No, we didn’t get to personal in our questions; however, he was more than happy giving us a fairly good idea of how he prepared for this.  After our 3 day visit in Budapest our paths went separate ways.  After hanging out with David, Ron’s crazy talk only intensified and believe or not, Petra started crazy talking too!

Upon our return home and while we were still crazy talking, we set up a separate savings account and called it, “Global Bike Tour Fund” and treated it as if it were a life or death bill.  This bill would be paid before all other bills and/or wants!  The savings started out slow, but we stayed the course.  Eventually it became almost a game or challenge, if you will, to see how much we were able to pay our “Global Bike Tour Fund” bill.  We made drastic cuts in our day to day spending habits along with our monthly bills (cell/home phones, electric, YMCA, fuel, cable, etc…) and before we knew it, we had reached our goal.  Our “Global Bike Tour Fund” is paid in full as of this past Thursday and will be converted into an 18 month CD, locked away until March 2013, the beginning of our journey around the globe.

Zero Kilometer Marker – Budapest

We still have plenty more to do before leaving, but this is a major milestone.  We’ve proven to ourselves that when you truly stay focused on something you want, it can be had.  If we can accomplish this, so can you!  If you’re interested in some tips, refer to our very early post and/or shoot us an email. Remember, live life like you only have one shot at it!

One last note, NO we are not rich, just your everyday average working/taxpaying stiffs, but with a mission and we’d like to thank you for following us along this adventure.

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