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Looking Back At 2013

Looking Back At 2013

Taking a quick look back at our adventure during 2013. Here are a few tidbits of information and some photos that you may find interesting.

We have …

  • Cycled from our house 297 days ago at 07:15 EST on 9 March 2013
  • Cycled 4377 miles or 7044 kilometers
  • Cycled in USA, Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal, France, England, Scotland, & Germany


  • Traveled on 7 ferries, 2 buses, 1 train, 1 airplane, & 1 auto
  • Camped 150 nights, Stayed with Friends/Family 96 nights, Warmshowers Host 6 nights, & 45 nights in “other” (hotels, nursing home, Bomberos, Alberques, HelpX)
  • Strangest places we slept were in the bus/taxi stand in Morocco or next to the circus in Portel, Portugal


  • Best memories, there are too many to list, but here are a few:
    1. Our farewell (297 days ago) with many of our friends and family
    2. Kayaking in Portugal with 70 teenagers on their last day of school
    3. Cycling the Camniho Portugues
    4. Watching an international horse jumping competition in Blaye, France
    5. Visiting the D Day Beaches and memorials in France
    6. Walking through the markets in Morocco
    7. Cycling the British Canals
    8. Hiking in the Scottish Highlands
    9. Doing HelpX on Steelend Farm & sailing in Scotland
    10. Spending time with family/friends & meeting all the great people along our journey!!


  • Experienced 2 flat tires, 1 cracked wheel rim, 1 cracked crank arm, 2 failed Thermarest air mats, & replaced 1 chain & changed our Rohloff hub oil once
  • We mostly cooked all our own meals, but when we did treat ourselves it was always something that was from the area and we only drank local beer & wines.


  • Most expensive month was May, least expensive was October
  • Low point, waking up to snow in Morocco on 22 May and having no winter clothes
  • Regrets: not cycling more in Scotland & not going over to Ireland





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