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Lunch conversation

Lunch conversation

Lunch break conversation at work

 “So where all are you guys planning to go??”

“well…, you see we’ll be rolling right out of our house and then heading north, to Gainsville to say our goodbyes to Jenni, then to Tennessee to visit family, then maybe to D.C. or straight up to Amish-Country, head to Niagra Falls, then to Canada, then back to the northern USA, and then we are not sure yet ….fly or sail to Europe….“

“Hang on! What do you mean ‘you don’t know yet'”

“well, we’d love to see Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern Europe, cross Russia to Mongolia, head to Southeast Asia, find our way to Australia and New Zealand…… However, there is only so much ‘planning’ you can do for a trip like this. We’ll go whereever we feel like it, and that is be beauty of it! We’ll try to head South where it’s warm for the winter, and see colder areas during the Summer.”


Curious kids along our travels

For some reason, not having an exact itinerary seems to be very puzzling- if not flat out crazy and irresponsible – to some people. At times I find it very hard to explain to people that we are not going on vacation, but rather “travel the world”; and for most people it is hard to grasp the difference. For us it is the difference of looking at tourist attractions while running from major city to major city and immersing ourselves into other countries. We want to see, feel, learn, experience other cultures, we want to meet people and make new friends, we want to look behind the scenes, check out life in the country, eat their food, experience their way of life, and maybe find some volunteer opportunities along the way.

How could you possibly plan an itinerary for that?!

Unexpected circumstances don’t quite fit into itineraries



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