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Prep time…again! Part One

Prep time…again! Part One

inconspicuous doors often hide great treasures

Ahh….prep time for vacations or going on an extended trip–whether short or long– what an exciting time!

It involves some day dreaming of new places to explore, hunting for hidden cultural treasures, meeting new exiting people. The planning time is a great excuse to sit outside by the fire with a glass of wine while planning routes for new adventures. It also means doing some tedious research on what may be the safest route to go on a bike while offering the most interesting sites, figuring out whether vaccinations are required or recommended for certain areas. It also involves trying to find some sort of travel insurance in case our wonderful dream turns into a nightmare. Naturally we could avoid all of this headache by going on a nicely all planned out, choreographed, organized tour. But where would be the fun in that?! Not that anything is wrong with this approach. However, we believe planning,  dreaming, and emerging ourself into the unknown, are things that make these trips OUR adventures.

rider down, bring the medic!

Since most job related american health insurances do not cover travels into foreign lands, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out what is needed. Clearly I want to be taken care of in an emergency situation that is life threatening, but what if I am stable to be transported; do I want to chance other possibly necessary procedures done in a country where I don’t speak the language.. or where health standards are not quite what I would expect? Or would I rather have insurance cover some sort of evacuation plan–a flight back to the US– to have those things taken care of? Some insurances even offer plans to cover bikes, equipment, and luggage should it get stolen or lost—for some of us this may be just as important as  trying to get some health insurance, since our bikes are obviously a big part of us.

Fortunately, the internet has plenty of information on these things to offer. In case you are interested in some great info on international travel insurances, we have a few sites  for you to check into.

Also, we are always open to suggestions if you have any experiences or ideas to share.

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