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So little time….so many things still to do

So little time….so many things still to do


Here we are –90 some days to go–the excitement and the anticipations are growing.  So are all the mixed feelings in our heads and hearts. We have basically been planning this

world trip for a few years; however, now that we have almost reached our starting point, we still feel utterly unprepared in some aspects.

There are still vaccinations to be had, spare bike parts to get, putting together the best possible first aid kit, figuring out the best rain gear to ride in through the cold, wet European weather. Finalizing paperwork, getting our girls power of attorneys should we need them to have to deal with banks, or such things while we are gone…..and what is the best time and the best way to get all these visas??!!

We try to follow our spread sheet, that tells us what all still needs to be done, from purchases to house repairs and things to sell; yet, daydreaming, or better dreaming up our adventures out by the fire, kind of gets in the way of progress at times.

Family vacation in Czech

No questions asked we will miss our girls the most! In general we have done most of our adventures as a family and would love to maybe see them join us on some parts of our trip if possible.  Amazingly, both of our girls are very supportive and excited for us to follow our dream and we hope that we have prepared them well enough to stand on their own two feet. Although, should any problems arise we will always be there for them.

Thanks to technology these days, our daughters will never be far out of reach.

So here we are… going through our last few months of preparation……stay tuned!



  • Jim & Sandra
    Posted at 09:57h, 09 December Reply

    Hey Guys.

    We are soooooo excited for you. Hope your plans continue to go smoothly and your trip is all you hope it will be. We’ll be following your travels eargerly. We are currently living and working in England, near Cambridge. If you make it this far, do drop in and see us.

    Jim & Sandra

    • Ron
      Posted at 10:12h, 09 December Reply

      Hello Jim & Sandra,

      Thank you both for keeping up with us and for the encouraging words. We’re a little bummed to hear you’re no longer “Down Under”, but we’ll very happy to meet up with you in Cambridge.

      ron & petra

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