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So, Why Am I Doing a Brevet Series?

So, Why Am I Doing a Brevet Series?

Why am I going to torture my body and mind –again–this weekend to spend miles and miles on my bike while not even going to get a chance to win a medal for this torture?
Those are just some of the questions going through my mind , while pedaling my bike home from a long day’s work.

Riding the L.O.S.T.

When Ron signed me up for this insane Brevet Series, my initial thoughts were: This is absolutely crazy! There is no way I could ever physically accomplish this, nor do I have the mental power to go through with this.

Believe it or not, despite my profession I am NOT a big fan of torture, especially if I am the one that has to endure it. 
But then I went back to work and I realized, everyday I work with patients that have to endure much more agony and pain, who I give tasks to do that sometimes seem impossible for them to accomplish, and they go through with it, to be able to just take a few very painful steps in hopes to get back on with their lives.
That’s when it kind of hit me, that it really doesn’t seem fair to tell somebody on the edge of giving up to keep trying the seemingly impossible without ever having had to master some similar seemingly impossible task myself.

And here it is…….this series of rides may just be the remedy for my dilemma.

Although the 200km didn’t seem to be too bad, I am pretty sure that these next few rides will really test my physical and mental strengths.
There will be plenty of times I’ll think that I just can’t keep going, plenty of times I will question my sanity, and many opportunities to call it quits, and of course there will be many sore muscles and tender spots on my body.
However, I’ll just have to tell my self, like I tell my patients: You just have to hang in there, never give up, you are the only one that can do this for yourself, and you will be a much happier and accomplished person knowing you tried your best and didn’t quit when things got tough.

However, there is a breaking point for most of us, lets see where mine will be.

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