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About happy encounters

In the morning, it is time to continue our cycling tour from Tula to Teotihuacan. Leaving the Terrace 10 Hotel in Tula was not easy and it had nothing to do with having to pack up all of our panniers and trying to manhandle all of our bags down three flights of stairs without tripping and falling. No, it was simply, because we liked the place and its people.
Eventually though, and much later in the day than anticipated, we find ourselves cycling out of town.

How many do you want?

As we arrive in Tula, we find a very nice, but affordable room, which we are calling home for the next couple days.

Arriving in Tula, Mexico

The plan is to go into town, grab something to eat and drink and have dinner and a nice relaxing evening on the rooftop terrace, which overlooks the city. The next day, we have reserved to visit the Tula Pyramid complex.