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Vacation Preparation

Vacation Preparation

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Checking the Maps

Less than two months to our summervacation, and we realized we still have a lot of things to do to get ready. Since it is raining today and neither one of us feels like ‘training’ in the rain, we decided to do some prep work. Our options were to learn how to use our new camera and researching some lenses or to work a little more on our route and do some research on what there is to see.

We picked the later. Already having a roughdraft of our tour worked out, we just have to do some tweaking to get the most out of it, which means trying to make it enjoyable and a little adventurous for everybody.

Unfortunately, the more research I do the more I want to see, and that seems to mess up our original route quite a bit. Not to mention it adds some unexpected miles (about 100 or so). So we have to make some decisions on what we really want to see and what we may have to save for another trip in the future. Of course this can start some heated discussions and little frustrations here and there, but hey–we will work this out!

So here we are.. on our 3rd revised route and still not finished!

Going Crazy

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