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Sightseeing Budapest

Sightseeing Budapest

Today was all about sightseeing Budapest; however, before doing that we needed 4 train tickets to Romania, so after eating breakfast our first stop was the main train station.

The 06:40 IC to Brasov!

Initially we visited the “I” window (information) to ask about a train and the lady behind the counter couldn’t have been more rude and unhelpful if she tried.  After putting down her book to help us, she replied, “NO BIKES TO BRASOV!” Well, naturally we weren’t going to just walk away like a couple of traveling newbies!  We waited for our number to be called, so we could actually talk with someone that sold tickets and luckily for us we did.  Within 15 seconds of walking up to the window our reservations and tickets were being made for the 06:40 IC to Brasov.  The cost with bike was around $75 each.

Now with our spirits high and one less thing to stress over, we headed out of the train station to take in the beautiful sights of Budapest.  Since we were here 14 months ago, we knew our way around, so we set off to show Sam and Jessica some of the more interesting spots in Buda and Pest.  After visiting St. Stephens Basilica, we continued to make our way towards the Parliament building.  Along the way we came across a statue of Ronald Reagan, which must be new because we did not see this last year, and the monument for Imre Nagy.  Since we failed to get a picture with Imre Nagy last year, I was determined to get one this year.  To learn more about Imre take a minute and do a search on him.

From the Parliament we walked along the Danube (Donau) River to view the Memorial for the victims of the Arrow Cross Militiamen before reaching the Chain Bridge.  Once we crossed the bridge we remained on the Buda side for the remainder of the day visiting the Royal Palace, Fisherman’s Bastion, Gellert’s Hill, The Citadel, and various parks and memorials.

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