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What was supposed to be a short two day stay in Mostar, Bosnia, ended up being a 15 day mini vacation. A few days before going into Bosnia, we noticed another crack in one of our FSA crank sets and after notifying the manufacturer, because...

The border crossing from Croatia into Bosnia and Herzegovina was quite easy: ride up to the border control booth on the Croatian side, pull out Passport, have Passport checked and get NO stamp. Ride 100 more feet, ride up to the BiH border control booth, pull out Passport again, have Passport checked,... and still get NO stamp...what the heck? Even after asking about getting
We are really looking forward to cycling down the Croatian coast! We have heard and read about the rugged coast line and the beautiful blue water; yet, neither the stories nor the pictures, really do the stunning landscape any justice.

We found a very nice campground outside of Split, which we plan on calling home for the next few days. It is located right at the beautiful, clean beach with the bluest water we have seen; and it must have the nicest staff and cleanest facilities we have experienced in a very long time.

Thursday morning we woke up early to catch the train from Rome to Ancona, from where we plan on taking the overnight ferry to Split Croatia. But first, we have to tear down camp and ride 30- some kilometers from the campground, through the heart of Rome, past the Colosseum to the train station. We gave us plenty of time to catch the 11:29 train; unfortunately, with the heavy, crazy traffic and our GPS leading us into dead ends and up and down unmanageable sets of stairs, we managed to get to the station just as our train is rolling out.