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As we roll up to the Albanian border, we are a little nervous and at the same time excited about bicycle touring Albania; but most of all we are curious about entering this mysterious country. On our way here we have heard all kinds of stories about Albania ranging from "Don't worry, Albanians are nice!" to "It's the Wild West of Europe! Watch out for the bad roads and drivers!" and "Be careful, there are people shooting at cars at night!" For some strange reason it always seems customary for people to warn us about the neighboring country, just to find out that the people in the other country have the same warning about the one we have just traveled through. Maybe people should
The border official on the Montenegro side studied our passports and remarks that we have come a long way on our bikes. Since there are hardly any cars at the crossing, he took his time and asked us about our route and our experiences traveling. Then, with a big smile, he stamps our passport and exclaims very enthusiastically: "Welcome to Montenegro!"
It has been raining for the last two days in Mostar and it did not look like it was going to stop anytime soon. However, we had to get going eventually. So what are we to do, but cycle in the nasty wet weather. Actually, it rained so much and so hard at times, that we did not even try to

What was supposed to be a short two day stay in Mostar, Bosnia, ended up being a 15 day mini vacation. A few days before going into Bosnia, we noticed another crack in one of our FSA crank sets and after notifying the manufacturer, because...

The border crossing from Croatia into Bosnia and Herzegovina was quite easy: ride up to the border control booth on the Croatian side, pull out Passport, have Passport checked and get NO stamp. Ride 100 more feet, ride up to the BiH border control booth, pull out Passport again, have Passport checked,... and still get NO stamp...what the heck? Even after asking about getting