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We contact three different private insurance brokers, in hopes of finding an affordable private insurance. Its coverage has to be compatible to the government run insurance, but it has to be available to foreigners, who are seeking a long term visa. Again, it sounds like an 20473735.thmeasy task, the reality looks very different. Every one of the brokers and private insurance sellers tells us, that legally, they are only allowed to sell us another international travel insurance.
While we are waiting for government agencies to make up their minds about visas and insurances, we take a few day-tours around the area. There are several bike paths leading out of town. Most are paved some wind their way through woods and the countryside on dirt and gravel. Either way, they are all fun to ride on, while exploring the area around the house...and it feels soooo good to be back on the bike!
We are on the hunt for insurance. Sounds easy, but it comes with a catch! After being told that our insurance is not good enough to apply for a permission to stay in 20933140.thmGermany, we head out to the local government-run insurance office. We talk to the person behind the desk who is responsible for handling voluntary, self-paid health insurance. We tell him our situation and he looks us up in his computer. To our surprise, we are still in the system from when we had coverage 16 years ago, when we lived and worked here. It's actually a little scary to be reminded how much information is being kept on file! There's still our old German address, our old work addresses etc. We tell him our new address, and our new situation. He hands us an application and since there are a few confusing questions, he helps us fill it out.
Day 233 - 234 (23/24 Oct 2013) No, we have not fallen off the face of the earth-- yet,, we are not done traveling--yet! Much has happened and we just simply have some catching up to do!

I cycling with musicthink nearly everyone likes cycling with music; at least we do.  But how to do it, while being

Day 222 – 232 (12/22 Oct 2013)  - After our boat escapade we look for a campground near Colchester or Dover to spend the next 2 or 3 weeks. However, the couple of campgrounds we pass by already closed their tent-pitches for the winter. Since Ute was not ready to leave Scotland anyway, and none of us looked forward to spending the next two weeks in the crowded, overpopulated southeast area of England, we decide

Arriving in Colchester We signed up for HelpX a while a go and we finally have a chance to start on our first HelpX experience! It is already late in the evening when we arrive in Colchester and we are all excited to start working on a 60 year old river cargo boat. About 6 weeks ago, a Lady contacted us through ‘HelpX’ to help restore the ship that used to deliver drinking water to other boats on the Themes and is supposed to be the last one of its kind. The restoration has already been in the making for about one year
Day 214 – 219 (4/9 Oct 2013) - It is raining all morning, so it takes a little while to pack up all of our belongings and bikes back into Ute’s car.  We really would have liked to kept cycling, but there was no way we could have made it into southern England in