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Day 208 (28 Sept 2013)  -  While enjoying our cup of coffee in the morning, we watch a couple of pheasants wandering through our campsite. 
Day 207 (27 Sept 2013) Morning comes quickly, but we get ourselves moving slowly. We are amazed at how quickly we became unconditioned from traveling by car for a few weeks. Both of us had several leg cramps during the night, our butts are sore, and it takes us a moment to get going.
Day 206 (26 Sep 2013) - After spending a week hiking and hanging out near Aviemore, we decide it is time to get going again. Ute’s plan is to go look for a friend near the east coast and our plan is to cycle south and toward Dunoon, where we want to visit Gary and Deb. Gary and Deb are a very nice couple we have met while traveling through Spain and we were invited to
Day 200 - 205 (20/25 Sept 2013) - Since we have to stay out of the "Schengen area" for 90 days before returning to mainland Europe, we decide to take some down time near Aviemore. What else do we have to do for the next few weeks??!! We find a fabulous campground right outside the village, which makes us feel like we are still wild camping, due to its layout of tent pitches. Also, it is close enough to
Day 191 - 199 (11/19 Sept 2013) - We found a small little campsite in Lairg, where we set up for a couple of days before heading further south toward Inverness. The weather is changing again and we get rained on frequently, occasionally the sun shines, and the wind is strong and cold. The locals like to call the four seasons in one day "fine Scottish weather". For us it makes it hard trying to figure out what to
Day 188 – 190 (8/10 Sept 2013)  - We are slowly working our way from Isle of Skye along Loch Shin toward the northeast of Scotland. Shortly, after leaving Isle of Skye, we scout out an old abandoned village at Loch Caron. The harsh environment and poor soil conditions made it difficult for people back in the day to grow sustainable crops, so
Day 185 – 187 (5/7 Sep 2013) – We discovered Isle of Skye and the midges. Just in case you should make it to the North West Highlands or Isle of Skye, make sure to get a head net to fend off midges (similar to No-See-Ems in Florida just a little larger). These little buggers are everywhere and are set on eating people alive whenever one stops moving.
Day 177 – 184 (28 Aug/4 Sep 2013) – Warning…high picture volume post!! From the Lake District we work our way up through southwest Scotland, Glen Coe, toward Isle of Skye. Along our way we wander through little towns like Oban and Plockton. We check out a couple of ruins and castles, and marvel over the spectacular
Day 175 – 176 (26/27 Aug 2013) – After four days of riding the towpaths, we met up with Ute, our sister/sister-in-law. Ute has been traveling by car through Ireland for the last two months and is now venturing through Scotland, so we all thought maybe we could travel together for a little while. Since the weather has turned to cold rain and even colder wind, it is a nice change to ride in a car for a while. However, we still have
Day 170 - 174 (22/26 Aug 2013) - All good things have to come to an end. However, every end is an opportunity for another new adventure. Our time to hang out with Jessica is over. On a rainy afternoon, we head up towards the north side of London. From here we are going to ride north along England’s canals towards "The Lake District".