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Day 148-149 (3/4 Aug) - People have warned us about the traffic and the hills. All, we thought was: “how bad could it be??!!” Well, we found out quickly. [singlepic id=2241 w=620 h=540 float=center]   After leaving Poole, we headed west, so we could eventually meet up with Jessica in Falmouth, which lies in beautiful Cornwall. This area along the south-west coast is
Day 147-148 (2/3 Aug 2013) - Although, we were the first ones to be put on the ferry, we were the last ones to leave the ferry on our level…after all the foot passengers, cars, buses, RV’s, and trucks. Once at the passport control, we played '50 questions' with the officer, who seemed to think we came to work here in the UK. At least that’s what her
During our travels in France, we occasionally followed the routes of some of the stages of the Tour de France. It was quite obvious that the French are very enthusiastic and supportive of the event when we passed by the fun and creative bike decorations along our way.
Day 146 (1 Aug 2013) - We have a lot planned for today…Besides pulling our tired selves out of the tent in the morning we also need to catch the Ferry from Cherbourg, France to Poole, England around 18:45. However, along the 60 km bike ride there, we also want to
Day 144 – 145 (Jul 30/31)  -  The closer we get to the Normandy coast, the more we are reminded of the country’s history during WWII. Monuments, memorials, and historic markers are reminding everybody of the past and an abundance of British and
Day 143 (29 July 2013)  -   We can spot Le Mont St Michel literally from miles away. The abbey stands magnificently placed on top of a rock just off the coast—it is huge, beautiful…and unfortunately full of camera-toting-tourists.

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