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Day 116 (2 July 2013) - We have successfully finished the El Caminho Portugues!!! We know, the updates have been rare. However, by the time we made it to a shelter, an Albergue, or a campsite, we either wanted to share our time with the other pilgrims from all over the world, or we were too exhausted to even think about blogging.
Day 106 & 107 ( 22/23 June 2013) - The next day, Ron finally feels better. We pack up to get an early start. It doesn’t take us long to find the yellow arrows to get us out of town and onto the Camino again.

Day 104 - 105 (20/21 June 2013) -  We had a nice evening of trying out some local cuisine and chatting with one of the brothers owning the Albergue in the evening.

[singlepic id=1887 w=620 h=540 float=center]

Unfortunately, Ron does not have such a good night of sleep; around 3:00 in the morning, something he ate together with some possible dehydration is starting to give him trouble.

Day 100 - 103 (17/19 June 2013) – It’s Monday morning, we pack up quickly, eat, and push our bikes excitedly to the campground office to offer our Credentials to be stamped. We are all stoked and happy to start our "journey within the journey" today. Along “The Way” we’ll try to get maybe 2 stamps a day, one where we are staying the night, if we stay at an official place,
Day 97 - 99 (14 /16 Jun 2013)  -  We have a short scenic ride to get to Tomar, where we are taking an official down day, to see an extraordinary castle and convent. We also plan on starting our journey within the journey in this town.
Day 96 (13 Jun 2013) - Conversation while getting a beer at the Glaciar sports-bar after a long day of riding. Bar owner (Sergio): "Where are you from?" Ron: "Florida"

Day 94 – 95 (11/12 June 2013)  -  After a late night listening to the concert of a local band, it's time to get going to Avis. Since we have stopped half way there last night, today’s ride should not be too far. Yet, it takes us a relatively long time to arrive at the campsite.

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Day 91 (8 June 2013) - After packing up our wet tent and after helping the circus people move a couple of their trailers, we chat with the show master for a moment. Once he finds out that we are from Florida, he tells us all about his brother, who is in a show in Tampa at Lowry Park Zoo…what a small world! Should we make it back in time, we’ll try to look him up one day to tell him ‘hello’ from his brother in Portel, Portugal—haha.
Day 90 (7  June 2013) In the morning, we continue to head north. But not before checking out Beja’s castle and the old part of town. [singlepic id=1662 w=620 h=540 float=center]   The castle is well preserved and reminds us of some of the medieval Templar Knights movies. We are able to look into some of the chambers and are allowed to climb up into the tower. Shortly after lunchtime, we head out of town.