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Day 88 - 89 (5/6  June 2013) - First thing in the morning, we tear down the tent and cook some coffee. Today’s sky is much cloudier and it has cooled down quite a bit again. However, the persistent wind remains. [singlepic id=1636 w=620 h=540 float=center]  
Day 86 – 87 ( 3/4 June 2013) - We arrive at the municipal campground in Monte Gordo,Portugal fairly early.  Apparently, Portugal has several municipal campgrounds throughout, they may not have all the fancy facilities such as pools, supermarket, restaurants, etc… , but they have all the necessary facilities, such as showers and toilets (although they could just be squat toilets or may not have toilet seats). However, the campgrounds are usually clean, and the price is right! [singlepic id=1612 w=620 h=540 float=center]
No, not us and hopefully not you either, but now that we have your attention we would like to tell you about the bracelets that you may have seen us wearing in our photos. [singlepic id=1522 w=620 h=540 float=center]  
Days 81 & 82 (29/30 May 2013)  - Since we felt, that we were slacking off lately, we went on a long ride today-- all the way to Seville. As we leave town, we run into a German couple waiting for a local bus ride close to the campground. Once they discover our plan to make it all the way to Seville today, they just shake their heads in disbelief; however, we did it! [singlepic id=1569 w=620 h=540 float=center]  
Day 78 - 80 (26/28 May 2013) - Our touring style has changed a little bit. It seems that we have finally realized, that we are not on a time-constrained vacation, but rather on a long-term, long-haul tour. We get up late and stay up late and we like to hang out a little bit longer in one spot. So it's not
This is not going to be a topic about whether or not you should tour with drops bars, butterfly (trekking) bars, or flat bars. We are not trying to stir up the old and never ending debates on which handlebar is better for touring over the other, we’ll leave this for the bike tourists sitting at home. We have toured using all three mentioned above and each has their pros and cons.

Day 72 - 74 1/2 (20/22 May 2013) - We are ready to leave Meknes and want to head into the Middle Atlas Mountains toward Ifrane. Supposedly there is a campground in town where we want to stay for a couple of days. Although Meknes was relatively laid back we are ready to leave the busy cities and want to go

Discovering Meknes

We decide to take one of the Petit-taxis to explore the old part of Meknes and to do some sight seeing. The ride is quite interesting. Sometimes the one-lane road is turned into a two- or three-lane road. People cross right in front of our little car. Other cars turn left and right directly in front of us as