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Day 68 & 69 (16 /17 May 2013) - We woke up early and were eager to get out of this unpleasant room and this trashy town. We wanted to get back out into the clean countryside to take a break in a field, cook some coffee, and eat breakfast. We are in such a hurry to get out of town, that we do not even notice the signs and side streets on our way. After finding a spot and filling our bellies, we continue on for a few miles. Eventually we notice that our route and our map are not syncing well together.
Day 66 & 67 (14 /15 May 2013) - After another huge, tasty breakfast, we pack up and head south deeper into Morocco. We are going to cycle along the Moroccan Atlantic Coast. The way out of town is a little nerve wrecking initially. There are many trucks, an abundance of petit and grand taxis, and lots of little scooters and tuck-tucks trying to claim their space on this road, not
Day 65 (13 May 2013) - After a huge, tasty, breakfast on the terrace, we headed off to find the bus station for long term busses. Since we heard that it is difficult to take the bikes on the trains, we thought about taking a bus to Marrakech and then ride North, back toward Tangier. [singlepic id=1396 w=520 h=440 float=center]   After a long walk through the old
Day 64 (12 May 2013) - It is a short ride from Algeciras to Tarifa, where we catch the ferry to Morocco.  On our way there we have to climb two more mountains. As we reach the the second hilltop, we see dozens of windmills turning so quickly it is dizzying to watch them as we ride by. The winds along the Straights of
Day 63 ( 11 May 2013) - In the morning we had a quick bite to eat. Slowly we are getting better at ordering our breakfast; however, we are not always sure what we are pointing at to have on our toast. There are usually a multitude of spreads available, all kinds of Pates, some sort of
Days 56 - 59 (4/7 May 2013) - Our mission for the first day in Ronda was to find a bike shop to check on parts for Ron’s crank set as a back up, should we not be able to get them replaced through FSA . After lying around in our tent for a short while, we got ready to walk the 2 miles
Days 54 & 55 (2/3 May 2013) - The morning is cold and wet; there is so much dew around us, that we have to pack up a soaking wet tent. We ride about 10 miles before it warmed up a little bit, that’s when we decide to stop and make some coffee and have a bite to eat. Because of all the

Day 53 (1 May 2013) - Initially, we wanted to go see the Medina right outside Cordoba, unfortunately it was May 1st (a national holiday), which meant that all the tourist sites were closed for the day. So we swiftly decided to pack up to hit the road. The weather was still

Day 51/52 (29/30 April 2013) - It has become increasingly  more difficult finding good internet connections during our travels. While we are wild camping we have no internet at all and when we camp at an official site or stop at a McDonalds, the connections can be quite sporadic.