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[singlepic id=905 w=320 h=240 float=left]Ah-- a nice easy relaxing afternoon at Magnolia campground! We swing in the hammock for a while and prepare a pot of hot chili. Slowly we come to the realization that the temperature is dropping and the wind is picking up as the day grows later. Before bedtime comes around we are wearing extra clothes and buffs to keep us warm.
Conversation while getting supplies from the grocery store “Where are ya’ll coming from?” "Down from Florida, just North of Clearwater." “On a bike!?! When did you guys start?” "Last Saturday."
labyrinth In the morning we walked around the property and checked out a little Labyrinth Ken and Darlene built out of wood and with lots of love. After our short stroll we were invited for coffee and breakfast in their lovely home. We are given lots of good advise on which route to take north and what's to see along the way, before saying goodbye.
On Thursday morning we hoped to get going early; yet, the warm sleeping bag felt way too comfy. Eventually we crawled out of the tent, made some Joe, packed up, and had breakfast. As we roll up our tent, our German-neighbor-campers came over to chat. The two live on Tenerife, however, they shipped their campervan from Germany to travel the USA for a year. They have
Although Jekyll Island was not a planned stop, we are very pleased that we did. After 5 long days of riding, we took a rest day and took full advantage of it by relaxing and sightseeing this beautiful island. Jekyll Island has some very interesting history, so if you ever get a chance to visit, do it! 
KOA Campground, GeorgiaAfter a late morning start, getting our webpage fixed, eating some gigantic Belgium waffles, and riding against headwind all day we have arrived at Jekyll Island!
This morning we woke up to raindrops drumming on our tent. Needless to say, we took our time to crawl out of our bags until the drumming calmed down. Sam and Bobbi decided they were going to head back home this morning and started packing their camp. We on the other hand decided to wait until our tent and tarp (which was supposed to keep our tent dry) would
Our plan was to get going early. However, the hour time change is messing with us a little so we do not even wake up until 7:30.  We walk to the grocer near Jenni’s to pick up supplies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, boil some eggs for breakfast and to take along, and start packing up. As we try to secure our bags on the bikes, we notice Petra has a flat tire, and Bobby has a