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Day 50 (28 April 2013) - We woke up early to a cold morning. As we get out of the tent we notice clouds rolling in quickly over the mountains. We break up camp, and as soon as we have everything packed and the tent rolled up it opens up and the rain pours on us. Luckily we have
Day 48 (26 April 2013) - The alarm went off at 06:00 and after hitting the snooze a few times we finally crawled out of the sleeping bag to break camp, just to make sure we were not noticed by any farmers.
Day 47 (25 April 2013) - After sightseeing Toledo and enjoying the locally made sausage, cheese, bread, and bottle of wine, Martin and Ine (our Dutch campground neighbors) invited us for a glass of wine. We met Martin the night before. Since he likes cycling as well, he had some questions about our bikes,
After a day of jetlag and staying close to the airport, we rode into the busy historical center of Madrid to stay at a private room at a hostel, where Jessica is joining us.

Since we wake up in the middle of town, we quickly pack up before all the shops open up, to get back on the road. After Howard and several other people warned us not to continue on our planned route--actually, somebody asked us whether we have a death wish-- we decide to follow their

We wake up to "Jack-rabbit" packing up his camp, followed by a lot of loud geese gaggle next to our tent. We wish Jack rabbit farewell on his journey along the AT and pack up camp. Our ride today is pretty uneventful, there are the minor...

[caption id="attachment_5078" align="alignleft" width="300"]AT Campsite in Waynesboro, VA AT Campsite in Waynesboro, VA[/caption]

Our plan was to get up early to climb out of the valley and cycle up to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Having the train run nearby our camp, definitely helped with the early wake up call. Fortunately for us, the sun is shining again, which lifts our spirits.