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We spent the morning sightseeing Szeged before jumping on a train for Budapest. The plan is to get our tour somewhat back on track by skipping parts of the Hungarian Great Plains
After a semi-refreshing evening we’re on the road and again; today the terrain is flat and all we see are miles and miles of corn and/or sunflower fields and the occasional oil derrick. Somewhere along the ride, Petra says, “I’ve never seen such large fields!” Just wait until we cross Nebraska or Iowa!
Ahhhh… a short & easy ride today after pounding out 60+ milers on some of the most unforgiving terrain we’ve ever toured on.  A very different scene today as we headed towards Timisoara, again flat farmland with the occasional village. Oh, I almost forgot about our small detour over some railroad tracks followed by a short trek through an
The day starts out with some terrible news from home. [caption id="attachment_2734" align="alignright" width="300"] Oscar (1994-2011)[/caption] Our Oscar, the 17-year-old Dachshund we adopted from Ron’s Mom after she passed away last year died on Monday.  We can only pray that he is now with his original family (Ron’s Mom & Stepdad) and eating all the doggy snacks he can eat. Rest In Peace Little Buddy!
Our legs feel like spaghetti, our butts hurt, and we are tired...but we get up early again to keep on going on another adventurous ride. Today we are going to cycle to Hateg, Romania.
So we start the day out early, like 07:00 o'clock early. After a quick bite to eat we head out of town on the long road to Sebes. A few miles into our ride we come past another fortified church, unfortunately sermon is held at this time so we have to pass by and just enjoy the outside view.
With the medieval fest going on this weekend, we decided to take a down day and sight-see Sibiu. We are beginning to understand that Romanians eat later in the day than us Americans. No breakfast until 09:00?  
We have a long mountainous 62 Mile ride ahead of us, and somehow getting up early seems more difficult today. Maybe it was yesterday's ride, to much fresh air, or the hot sun but getting ready this morning seems like a task. So we were not too upset once we find out that breakfast won't be available until 8:00.
We get up and are exited to see more of Romania. After our buffet-style breakfast we pack up quickly and go on our way to find more supplies for the day. Ron waits outside the little store to watch our bikes, and gets surrounded by several children asking for
Our day starts somewhat early, around 9:00 we get ready to start riding toward Făgăraș. On the way there, we plan on visiting Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle), which we are very excited about. As soon as we leave Brasov we start climbing gradually, but with the traffic being somewhat hectic and all the new sites to see, we don't think of the miles of climbing we are doing.