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Finally leaving Ensenada, Ensenada to Ojos Negros, 27 miles

The morning, that we get to leave Ensenada has finally arrived. Since we already packed most of our things last night, we just slip on our clothes and head down to the OXXO for coffee. Afterward, we sit out back for a quick breakfast snack. Then it is time to finally pull our bikes out of the room and to secure all of our belongings onto our trusty, steely steeds.

Searching for Help

This morning we wake up with only one thought on our mind…..getting Ron’s back wheel fixed.

So after a short walk to the neighborhood OXXO to get our morning coffee and pastry, we sit on the back patio of the motel and have breakfast.

Our First Full Day of Cycle Touring the Baja  California, Tecate to Ranch Sordo Munro Campground, 35 miles

It’s been somewhat of a restless night. Since the campground is near the road we had quite a bit of traffic noise at first. Fortunately, it didn’t take long for the traffic to quiet down and eventually we didn’t hear any cars anymore. Unfortunately, the peace and quiet was frequently disturbed by all the neighborhood dogs barking throughout the night.

We wake up early, before sunrise, thanks to another cacophony of dog barking and the traffic picking back up. Sleepy, we crawl out of our tent and make our morning coffee. Shortly after sunrise we are packed up and ready to roll…a personal record on this trip so far. We must be excited to continue our cycling tour to Ensenada.

Leaving San Diego cycling to Potrero County Park, 49 mile

We are super excited to start a new chapter vof our “Bicycling the Americas Adventure”. We had stored our bikes in a small storage unit near the San Diego Hairport and spent a month off the bikes to fly back home to celebrate our daughter’s wedding.
When we returned in the evening, we rushed over to the storage building to retrieve our bikes. The next morning we spend repacking our bags, putting new chains on the bikes and doing some routine bike maintenance before heading out the following morning.

Logistics of Bicycle touring the Dalton Highway


About the Dalton Highway 

Before bicycle touring Dalton Highway, let's first find out what the Dalton is all about.

The James W. Dalton Highway, also known as Alaska Route 11 or the Haul Road, is dubbed one of the most dangerous and remote roads in the US.

It was built as a haul road in 1974 during the construction of the Alaskan pipeline. Today, it is heavily used by large trucks to supply the Prudhoe Bay Oilfields.

The Dalton Highway starts at Milepost 73 on the Elliott Highway, 84 miles north of  Fairbanks and ends after 414 treacherous miles in Deadhorse near the Prudhoe Bay Oil Fields at the Arctic Ocean.


Today's Topic? Entertainment on a Budget while Traveling

Obviously, we travel to see the beautiful sights of various places and to experience different cultures. We like to explore historical sites, cities, castles and churches. Luckily, the world is full of easy to find ancient and historical sites, we have heard of in our history and humanity classes. 

How to Feed Two Hungry Cyclists

There are many ways to feed a hungry cyclist and unfortunately there is no way to say which one is right or wrong . However, since we spent 2 years traveling on a bike and continue to do short bike tours around our area, we would like to share how we manage to feed these two hungry bicyclists, with an intro to our camping kitchen.

Today's topic? Eating on a budget while traveling.

Most people seem to think that traveling or long-term traveling for that matter has to be expensive. If you look at the glamorous vacation-ads on TV or at travel agencies, it really seems to support that thought. We however, would like to point out, that eating on a budget while traveling is absolutely possible and enjoyable.

Sometimes the best plans just don't work out.

We had this Thanksgiving bike tour planned for a month now. The plan was to cycle for four days. We were going to make a loop around Central Florida that included the Ocala National Forest, involves a short ferry ride, and cycle along the Cross Florida Greenway before heading home.

Happy New Year! Our first Florida bike tour of 2016!

While some people would rather sit at home with family and friends, a glass of bubbly and watch the ball drop, we enjoy hitting the road and going into the woods. Although, we do like spending time with friends and family,  we also really miss bike touring. So, what better way to start the year!?