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We have a long mountainous 62 Mile ride ahead of us, and somehow getting up early seems more difficult today. Maybe it was yesterday's ride, to much fresh air, or the hot sun but getting ready this morning seems like a task. So we were not too upset once we find out that breakfast won't be available until 8:00.
We get up and are exited to see more of Romania. After our buffet-style breakfast we pack up quickly and go on our way to find more supplies for the day. Ron waits outside the little store to watch our bikes, and gets surrounded by several children asking for
Our day starts somewhat early, around 9:00 we get ready to start riding toward Făgăraș. On the way there, we plan on visiting Dracula's Castle (Bran Castle), which we are very excited about. As soon as we leave Brasov we start climbing gradually, but with the traffic being somewhat hectic and all the new sites to see, we don't think of the miles of climbing we are doing.
We wake up early to go sight-see in Basov today. But first we have breakfast at the hostel and apologize to our room mate in the dorm for waking him up at 01:30 last night. Thankfully, he is a very nice Australian Mate and ensures us that it was no problem. We also go ahead and book the beds for one more night, so we can really enjoy all the sites here.
05.00 (Hungarian time) Time to get up, freshen up, pack up and take off for the train station..We are going to take the longest train ride ever: the train to Brasov, Romania... come join us!   05:45 Riding through Budapest to the main train station
Today was all about sightseeing Budapest; however, before doing that we needed 4 train tickets to Romania, so after eating breakfast our first stop was the main train station. [caption id="attachment_2507" align="alignleft" width="300"] The 06:40 IC to Brasov![/caption] Initially we visited the “I” window (information) to ask about a train and the lady behind the counter couldn’t have been more rude and unhelpful if she tried.  After putting down
Our plans have changed slightly, but we are still hoping to make it to Romania. Here is the issue, the German Bahn (Train) people could only guarantee us a train ride to Budapest with our bikes, so this is where we are after 15 hours and 5 train transfers. We are pretty beat, so after a quick blurb and a hot shower it's lights out.
This past weekend we disassembled and packed our bikes in preparation for our next big tour. If you're just tuning in to our BLOG we are headed to Europe next week and will spend a month touring through Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, and Germany.

[caption id="attachment_2291" align="alignleft" width="300"] Wall Springs Park[/caption] Anstatt einfach nur auf eine 50 Km Radfahrt zu gehen, haben wir beschlossen der heutigen Fahrt eine Mission zu geben. Unsere Aufgabe war es einige Parks im nördlichen Pinellas Landkreis zu besuchen um unsere neue Kamera mit eingebauten GPS...

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A little more than a year ago we decided to take our, "Global Bike Tour" dream to the next step or should we say, the next serious step.  For several years, Ron has talked about touring across America, parts of Canada, & all around Europe, but that was all just crazy talk. Well his talking led to research, the research led to crunching numbers, and the crunching of numbers led to even more crazy talk.  All the while Petra, the sensible one,