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At the border, we encounter the craziest traffic. Besides scooters buzzing all around and pedestrians walking everywhere, there are huge trucks rolling by with over loaded trailers. The trailers look like they should bust at all the seems or topple over with their goods. Other people are pulling huge wooden carts loaded up with food and goods. Some are so big, we wonder how a human can possibly pull them. Some carts are pulled and pushed by several people. There are several scam artists trying to get us to do the visa for Cambodia through them. Fortunately, we read up on it and already have our e-visa ready. An official, tells us
As we get ready to leave the campground, we figure we'll skip the restaurant for breakfast. More than likely, they would be out of food anyway. We pass right by it and head to the small store further down the road by one of the park check points. Aft
After a good night of sleep we still feel tired and exhausted from our long ride into Khao Yai National Park.  So we try to take it easy today. While eating breakfast we watch several deer trot through the campground. They are not at all shy and like to go through people's stuff in search of food, it seems nothing is safe from them and they are trained to check every plastic bag that is left unattended. No wonder, one older fellow camper is taunting one of the big deer with a full
Around 03:00 we are awoken to the rain hitting our tents, so we quickly pull out our rain fly and cover the tents before everything gets wet. For the next few hours we all pretty much toss and turn before finally getting up and out of the tents. We are up and ready to roll before 06:30 and we wait around while Randy gathers and packs his gear. This just happens to be his first time setting up his camping gear, so he has yet to find his routine. No worries, we are pretty confident that after a few more nights and days of touring he will have a system. Once Randy is set, we roll our bikes across the street and sit
Leaving Bangkok from near the airport was not a big deal, but first on the list is finding the local post office and mailing all of our winter gear and some other items that we will not need. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="800"]P1090254 Getting ready to roll...yes, we know how to destroy a room with the help of a bunch of panniers[/caption] As soon as we pull into the post office parking lot we become the local show. One of the postmen starts chatting with us even before we get our bikes parked, wanting to know where we come from and where we are going. That was all it took! He began telling everyone within
After picking up Randy from the airport; lazy day of putting his bike together and getting over jet-lag, we all take the train into the old part of Bangkok to do a little bit of sightseeing. Not only do we check out the Grand Palace and Wat Pho with its giant reclining golden Buddha
We arrive in Phetchaburi in mid afternoon. After finding our way to the budget hotel, we decide to wander through town, maybe find our way up to Khao Wang--the palace hill--and grab a bite to eat. To get over there, we have to climb up and down some stairs to maneuver over a crazy busy intersection. School children in their uniforms are hustling home from
We have about 40 miles of cycling to make it to Phetchaburi. The initial 15 or so are a lot of ups and downs, before hitting flat land again. We ride along a canal with many cows tied up along the water. Actually, these are the most cows we have seen so far in Thailand. They do look quite different from the US or European
Since it was almost dark when we made it to Kaeng Kraban, we decided to stay right at the park's headquarter campground. It is located at the park entrance by a lake. The plan is to get a good night sleep and then hopefully move to the second campground which is located about  20 some miles deeper in the jungle. Unfortunately, one of the rangers tells us that it is impossible to take bikes to that campground. Supposedly, we'd have to hire a very expensive