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Our little detour out of Berlin led us southeast for several miles along the river Spee until we were able to cut our way north again to the river Oder. The German-Polish border runs right along the Oder; however, we decided to stay on the German side to ride along the 'Oder Radweg'.
Here goes another day of long cycling miles to get closer to Berlin. Our long distance cycling path continues to lead us through several more villages as the weather is starting to deteriorate. Before we know it, it looks like a major storm is brewing all around us. The wind picks up, the air feels cool and wet, and the people in the villages give us a few pitiful looks, as to say...You are about to get soaked, aren't you going to get some shelter?!
The weather had changed drastically the last few days. It went from rainy and cool to unusually hot and sunny with the temperatures in the 30° C (90°s F). After a couple of failed plans of leaving, waiting for a part from Full Speed Ahead that never came, and another day of procrastinating, we had decided it was time to get going again. After all, we would like to make it up to Norway before it gets freezing up there.
After arriving in Germany and while waiting on some parts from Full Speed Ahead, we spent the next 10 days taking hikes, visiting family, the dentist, the eye doctor, and of course we

Our Hilleberg Tent

Over the past few weeks, one of our Hilleberg tent zipper sliders has not been working like it should be. So the time has come to replace the worn out slider before going any further north. After 15 months on the road and nearly a solid year of using our Hilleberg Nallo GT3 in all types of environments, it is only expected that items start to wear out. 
We finally arrived in Salzburg by train. For the last few hours, we were dreading every stop-over at any train station and checked hesitantly for other bike-riders. Apparently, we needed reservations for our bikes on this train, which we did not have, and the conductor told
We are carrying entirely too much stuff!! At least that is the conclusion we drew from having sore legs and hurting knees after crossing another mountain pass. We can't wait to get back to Germany to leave some of our gear, extra parts, and what ever else we can purge and have not needed in the last few months...or at least anything that would make this mountain-climbing-business a little bit easier.
Dejan gave us plenty of time before needing to meet up with him again at his family's house in the Soča Valley. Obviously, he knew that the route there would be absolutely amazing and that it would take us some time to ride the few miles. He was right. There were a few more historical sites, an old WWI military
After 36 hours, our ferry finally arrived in Trieste...6 hours late, but just in time for sunrise, which was lucky for us, since we were not sure where to go to at 01.30 am in Trieste anyway. We quickly gathered our belongings and our bikes and rode into town to grab a coffee, pastry, and to get on the internet to figure out where to go.
"The longer you stay on Crete...the longer you'll stay on Crete!!", that is only one of the warnings we have heard while procrastinating to leave the Island. Apparently, there is some magical power on the island, that just sucks people in and makes people stay for weeks or months on end, if they are not careful. The warm sunny weather, the great scenery with the deep blue water on one side and the rugged mountains on the other,  the laid back, care free attitude of the islanders, make it really easy to fall in love with the island. Also, it felt so good to finally wake up in shorts and t-shirts and to be able to sit around in shorts in the evening over a glass of wine without shivering. So no wonder, that it  actually took a few days of waking up, looking at each other and saying..."Maybe tomorrow!" to finally leave Crete.