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After a relaxing night, we again wake up to beautiful blue skies and what we thought was going to be smooth cycling downhill to Innsbruck and the start of our climb towards Brenner Pass. However, we are quickly surprised to discover that as we leave our little town, we are once again climbing and the climb continues for 5 miles.
After spending some quality time with Petra's childhood friend, we hit the road again and pick up another well known route called, Via Claudia Augusta that heads south and over the Alps.  The morning is wet, damp, and cold and as we left the city limits of Augsburg it turned into a
[caption id="attachment_2944" align="alignleft" width="300"] A view of a castle through a hole in a rock[/caption] This is it, our final day of cycling and tonight we’ll be back in Neustadt/Aisch; however, not before cycling 62 miles along the Danube River and crossing the Austrian/German border. After waking up and having breakfast we strolled through the flea market at the Linz square before hitting the Donau Radweg.
Just on the other side of Langenlebarn we came across a playground with a Seilbahn (not sure what it’s called in English) and just like little kids, we jumped off our bikes and took turns going for a ride.  Not sure what the attraction is, but it’s always a blast riding on