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Langenlebarn to Melk, Austria

Langenlebarn to Melk, Austria

Just on the other side of Langenlebarn we came across a playground with a Seilbahn (not sure what it’s called in English) and just like little kids, we jumped off our bikes and took turns going for a ride.  Not sure what the attraction is, but it’s always a blast riding on one.  Why can’t we have these things in our playgrounds in America? After acting like we were all 10 years old again, we jumped back on our bikes and headed upstream. Today, just like yesterday, we found ourselves fighting a strong headwind and it’s not any fun.

Jim & Sandra from

Somewhere along the path we came across Jim and Sandra ( and discover they have left their jobs and comfy lifestyle to travel around Europe for a year or so. They said a year, but we know how that can change (wink wink).  We chat it up for several minutes before exchanging 411 cards (cards with our information) and wishing each other “Happy Trails”, or something along those lines, and headed off in our separate ways.  It would have been great to sit down and drink a pint or two with them and learn more about their travels.  Maybe some other time?!

We continued cycling upstream along the Danube River until we arrived in Krems.  Our first stop was the local “I” (tourist information) and grabbed a self-guided map before having some hot chocolate.   After the much needed break we toured Krems on our bikes. Getting around and sightseeing towns is a lot faster by bike than on foot, so we were able to see all the highlights from Krems before heading further up the Danube (Donau).

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