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Linz to Passau, Germany – Final Tour Day

Linz to Passau, Germany – Final Tour Day

A view of a castle through a hole in a rock

This is it, our final day of cycling and tonight we’ll be back in Neustadt/Aisch; however, not before cycling 62 miles along the Danube River and crossing the Austrian/German border. After waking up and having breakfast we strolled through the flea market at the Linz square before hitting the Donau Radweg. Today the weather was near perfect for cycling: mid 70s, clear blue skies, and only a 3 mph headwind according to the weatherman.  The ride was pretty much uneventful; however, you couldn’t ask for better scenery.  To be honest the entire ride up the Danube River has been very beautiful and easy going with very few hills. If we were to recommend a bike tour for someone just starting out, this would be it. There are plenty of mountain views, vineyards, castles and ruins, and very scenic towns to see or visit while cycling the Danube Bicycle Path (aka Donau-Radweg).

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