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Sick in Siem Reap

Sick in Siem Reap

All of our bellies have been rumbling, churning, or acting up at some point during our journey. So far South East Asia has not been easy on our digestive system. On and off, one or the other of us has been battling with an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Although we have a couple of good days here and there, the constant fight with traveler’s diarrhea is wearing on us. ¬†We are tired, lack energy, and are probably dehydrated.


Who needs a bike-rack?! This is how to transport your bike Cambodian style


After two days of sightseeing Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom in the brutal heat, we decide it is time for a down-day in Siem Reap.

We found a couple of small restaurants in town offering pizza, pasta, gnocchi, and other western food, which we gobbled down like there is no tomorrow. After eating rice, noodles and more rice with mainly chicken or some other mystery meat for the longest time, we are looking forward to more familiar foods. Also, the freshly made fruit shakes in town are absolutely delicious and refreshing.


Flat tires are no fun


Although a down day would be good for everybody, Randy and Jessica are eager to do some fun stuff. They want to try zip lining and decide to book a tour through the hostel for the following day. Little did they know, that Randy was going to get really sick during the night. Like full blown diarrhea is not enough, he spends most of the night vomiting as well.


Thailand was full of 7-elevens, here we are just one short

Worn out and tired, the two manage to enjoy their tour of zip lining anyway, before having to rest the reminder of the day.

Not sure, whether Randy was going to be fit enough to cycle the next morning, we decide to stay an extra day. Again, we try to eat as much western food as possible that night.

During the following night, Ron is having major stomach trouble. We can hear him heading to the bathroom several times during that night, while he is fighting the same bug. Plagued by alternating stomach crams, vomiting, dry-heaving and diarrhea he is trying to make it through the night…looks like we will spend another sick day in Siem Reap..


Not having such a great time

Of course Jessica did not want to feel left out and joined the sick crowd during the day, while I try to find some Gatoraid to help with the dehydration and lost electrolytes. As I stroll around town by myself I find a small restaurant serving traditional Khmer food, delicious broccoli, cauliflower and chicken curry with rice…somehow I grew a little bit suspicious of the Western food. Unfortunately, nobody else is able to get food down that day.


Getting ready to leave our Hostel in Siem Reap

After, a couple more days of recuperation, we finally get to roll out of Siem Reap.




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