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Back in Finland, we stop at the first gas station with an attached grocery store we encounter and treat ourselves to a pastry, hot chocolate, and a chocolate snack. Although, the prices are still steep, we feel like we got a bargain on the few items. I guess everything is relative! Again, we are faced with more headwind and the scenery of the day consists of more rolling hills covered in trees. Occasionally, we spot another reindeer, but they seem to become less in
Waking up in the morning is not very hard around here. The sun seems to always be in your eyes and it gets pretty darn hot around 05:00. However, we do seem to nap off and on for another couple hours before finally crawling out from under our mosquito net. The sky is clear and blue and across the lake the trees are reflecting off the water’s surface as if it were a
In the morning we wake to the sound of raindrops hitting our tarp, or so it sounds. As our eyes gain focus we realize that it is not raindrops hitting our tarp, but rather hundreds, if not thousands of mosquitoes, biting flies, and other insects bouncing off the bottom of our tarp. We also take notice of all the mosquitoes sitting on our net just waiting for breakfast, breakfast being us as we leave the protection of our mosquito net. Before low crawling out from under the
Despite taking the train for the past 13 hours, we still have nearly 500 miles to go before reaching Nordkapp. However, by taking the train we gave ourselves a 5-day buffer, so unless something really goes wrong or the weather turns to total crap, we should see the midnight sun.
Our ferry to Helsinki was scheduled to leave at 12:20. Like usually, we arrived at least an hour early.  At the gate, we were told to bypass all the cars at the passport/ticket control and to head to the ramp so we could get situated before all the trucks and cars boarded. Once at the ramp we met a group of other bike tourers, a father with a couple of daughters and their friends--must be a brave man to tour with a bunch of teenage girls! We all boarded the ferry together.