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Where would you take a novice on their first bicycle tour? A few people asked us: where would we take somebody new to bicycle touring on their first big bike tour, so they would want to go bicycle touring again? Luckily, we don't have to think...

During our travels in France, we occasionally followed the routes of some of the stages of the Tour de France. It was quite obvious that the French are very enthusiastic and supportive of the event when we passed by the fun and creative bike decorations along our way.
Day 146 (1 Aug 2013) - We have a lot planned for today…Besides pulling our tired selves out of the tent in the morning we also need to catch the Ferry from Cherbourg, France to Poole, England around 18:45. However, along the 60 km bike ride there, we also want to
Day 144 – 145 (Jul 30/31)  -  The closer we get to the Normandy coast, the more we are reminded of the country’s history during WWII. Monuments, memorials, and historic markers are reminding everybody of the past and an abundance of British and
Day 143 (29 July 2013)  -   We can spot Le Mont St Michel literally from miles away. The abbey stands magnificently placed on top of a rock just off the coast—it is huge, beautiful…and unfortunately full of camera-toting-tourists.

Day 140 – 142 (26/28 July 2013)  -  We received a message from our daughter, that she will be working on a project in England the beginning of August. Since we are pretty much just aimlessly wondering along the Loire, we decided to start heading north, so we could meet her eventually. Actually we are quite enjoying our time here in France, the weather is great, the

Day 137 -  139 (23/25 July 2013)  -  We know we are a little “all over the place”!

Just when we think we have a travel plan, we seem to stumble upon other options that look even more alluring--like the Loire Valley for example.

Day 135 -  136 (21/22 July 2013) - We loved the atmosphere at this campsite!! We also really enjoy having a picnic table at our disposal. Sometimes it is the little things we miss, such as eating at a real table! So we decide to stay a little longer.
Day 133 - 134 (19/20 July, 2013) – After a short down day, we get back on our bikes to ride up to Nantes. As we are leaving the campsite, we meet Craig, who is also heading up into the same direction and gives us a hint on another municipal campsite along the route. However he has a slightly different path planned than we do, so we set out on different ways. To our amazement,
Day 131/ 132 (17/18 July) - Rochefort is a small garrison town close to the ocean. Actually it lays about 9 miles inland along the river La Charente. Here, navy warships were built and repaired. The royal ropes factory is located here as well and its peculiar long architecture is dictated by its purpose.  The town with its huge arsenal buildings was located inland on purpose to protect it