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The Loire Valley

The Loire Valley

Day 137 –  139 (23/25 July 2013)  –  We know we are a little “all over the place”!

Just when we think we have a travel plan, we seem to stumble upon other options that look even more alluring–like the Loire Valley for example.

France has two major EuroVelo routes running through it: the EuroVelo 1 going south and north along the Atlantic coast and the EuroVelo 6, which follows the Loire valley and continues through several countries all the way to the Black sea. The best part about the EuroVelo 6 is, that it mostly follows rivers such as the Loire and the Danube, which makes for mostly easy riding. It also offers spectacular views of prehistoric megalithic structures, chateaus, castles, ruins, old churches, little quaint villages, and overall great countryside.

We decide to follow the Loire for a few days, just because the views are great and the riding is easy. Oh, and did we mention, that there is hardly any traffic? Most of the time the path is completely separated from any road and if it shares the road there is usually a bike lane or very little traffic to be expected.

Also, finding cheap campsites along the route is easy…or as Ron puts it: “It’s amazing, you could throw a dead cat into any directions and you’d hit a campground!”

I’m absolutely not into throwing dead animals; however this is positively a bike-touring paradise.

If anybody looks for an easy place to start touring, this would be it. Combine the easy riding with affordable camping, add the great sights and if you do not want to ride back the way you came from, there is always a train running back and forth along the river, which is especially suited for bike travelers.

After a few days along the Loire, visiting some cute little villages and towns, exploring a few castles and an ancient town that was mostly built into rocks and caves, it is time to move north.

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