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Cycling up the Oder

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Cycling up the Oder

Our little detour out of Berlin led us southeast for several miles along the river Spee until we were able to cut our way north again to the river Oder. The German-Polish border runs right along the Oder; however, we decided to stay on the German side to ride along the ‘Oder Radweg’.

bike touring Poland

Following the bike path to Poland


bike touring Poland

Almost made it to the border



Taking a breakfast and coffee break!


Initially the path was nicely paved and we enjoyed watching the ducks, swans, geese, and other water birds on the river and the surrounding wetlands. Unfortunately, the path eventually turned into a very bumpy ride over big uneven concrete slabs, which made the path look like an old tank trail.


No worries, we’ll go around it!



Taking a nap, while someone takes photos of birds and flowers.



Just an ugly thistle beginning to bloom!



Coming in for a landing!



The view of the Oder from a brand new lookout tower.


Tired of getting our brains raddled by the bumpy path, we decided to get off the path and head through Schwedt, a German border town. There we noticed a campground sign, which led us to another river camp. Unlike the other river camps, we have seen before, this one had a big sports recreation area attached to it and it also had a little marina for boaters and houseboats to moor for the night.



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