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Gluehwein, Brats, and fun…enjoying German christmas markets

Gluehwein, Brats, and fun…enjoying German christmas markets

The best part about visiting Germany in December is of course the weather–NOT!
No–the cold, wet, cloudy, dreariness is definitely not what most people would call perfect vacation weather.


However, the December event’s calendar in Germany is filled with Christmas markets and holiday festivities to lure everybody off the cozy couch and away from the warm stove. Just about every town and village has a Christmas market going on for at least one weekend during the month. Several cities even indulge in the festivity all month long.


The smell of cookies, roasted almonds, Bratwurst rolls, pretzels and other good food is in the air. Little booths decorated with Christmas lights and ornaments are lining the market places and streets where people sell handmade crafts, gifts, food, and drinks.

german christmas market

People stand around having a good time with family and friends while listening to local groups play Christmas songs.

The aroma of hot spiced wine and punch is present everywhere. There are several hot drinks to keep visitors warm and happy. Glühwein, Met, and the famous Feuerzangen Bowle, are just a few to name and are simply just part of the whole experience.

german christmas market

Meeting the Christkind at the christmas market

Children run around trying to get a glimpse of the Christkind or run after St. Nikolaus (also called Pelzmärtl in this area) to ask for treats. Nativity scenes are displayed everywhere, sometimes even live scenes with real animals are present, which are a big hit with children.

Of course we try to join in the fun with friends and family…as often as we can.



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