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Southern Germany

Southern Germany

We finally arrived in Salzburg by train. For the last few hours, we were dreading every stop-over at any train station and checked hesitantly for other bike-riders. Apparently, we needed reservations for our bikes on this train, which we did not have, and the conductor told us, if anybody with reservations should board, then we would get bumped to the next train. It must have been our lucky day, because not one bike rider was in sight!

bicycle touring austria germany

View of the Salzburg Castle


In Salzburg, we checked at the Tourist information at the main train station for a local map to get us out of the city. To our surprise, a bike path lead just a couple of blocks from the train station along the “Salzach” into the direction, we needed to go…and off we went.

The ride along the river was flat, traffic-free, mindless, and easy riding. The views were great and the weather could not have been better. It was great to have actual bike paths to travel on again and not have to worry about traffic.

bicycle touring Austria Germany

Bicycle bridge over the Salzach


As the river Salzach turned to the east, we carved our own path. After crossing from Austria into Germany, we continued to cycle through Southern Germany until we found another cycling path that headed toward Nuremberg.

Since the days were getting longer now, we did not even realize that it was already close to 21:00 when we finally asked a farmer along the path to set up our tent behind his barn. The farmer, actually offered us an even nicer spot on a freshly mowed field behind a tall hedge. In his opinion it was much nicer, more secluded, and we could have our peace and quiet.

It was very nice and quiet, and if it weren’t for the sun waking us up before 05:00, we could have probably slept in until late morning.

bicycle touring Austria Germany

Views along the river


Instead, we were up and riding again, before even the farmer made it out of his house in the morning. The summer nights are definitely getting much shorter!

On our journey home  to Neustadt, we took a short break in the pilgrimage town of Altötting to check out the sights and talk to some locals.

bicycle touring Austria Germany

Pilgrimage town Altötting


Finally, in the evening, we arrived in Neustadt, where we were greeted by friends and family. It’s always nice to come home again…even the homes away from home. We’ll have a lot to chat about the next few days and a lot of catching up to do.

Our return to Neustadt is not just about visiting family and friends again, we need to check-in with the local immigration office, visit a dentist, and are hoping some parts that Full Speed Ahead promised us will be arriving in the next few days.



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