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Visiting Bamberg with good company

Visiting Bamberg with good company

We have met David three years ago in Krakow, while we were visiting Auschwitz during our bike trip from Prague to Vienna. At that time David had been on the road traveling by trains, planes, buses, and what have you for 9 months and thought, he’d be done traveling once he’d be gone for a year. We were curious about his travels and how one could afford such an adventure, so we started talking with him. Actually, we met for dinner that evening and once we found out that we’d be in Budapest around the same time during our travels, we decided to meet up again in Budapest.

Long story short, we hit if off well and had a great time checking out Budapest for 3 days together. During that time, we learned a lot about long term traveling from David. Also, we learned that an adventure like this could be possible for almost anybody with the right planning.


Anyway, David has been traveling now for 4 years and has just returned back to Europe after finishing a road-trip through the States.

Once we found out that he is staying in our area, we decided to meet up again. Together with him and our Nephew, who is visiting from the States as well, we visited the the Nürnberg Christmas market and the beautiful city Bamberg.  Of course we enjoyed a couple of glasses of Gluehwein and Feuerzangenbowle, as well.


Bamberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight, and definitely worth a visit, should one be traveling through Bavaria. The old City Hall is decorated with old paintings  and stands in the middle of the of the river. There are also a palace, a dome, a monastery, a castle, an area called Little Venice, a wonderful old part of town, many pubs and restaurants to visit. Just make sure to bring good walking shoes because the whole city is built upon several hills.


Another ‘must do’ in Bamberg: visit one of the pubs or the monastery to try the famous Schlenkerla Smoked Beer.

Of course if you go during the wintertime, do not forget to visit the various areas of the Christmas market and the Nativity Scene Exhibition.


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