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[caption id="attachment_2861" align="alignleft" width="300"] Breakfast on the Donau[/caption] Before touring the ruin, we grab some food & coffee from the local store and have breakfast next to the Donau (Danube).  After checking out the former castle, we head back down the mountain and pick up EuroVelo 6 and make our way to Esztergom.  In
[caption id="attachment_2842" align="alignleft" width="300"] Andrassy 60 - aka Terror House[/caption] We started the day by visiting Andrassy 60, the former building of the Hungarian secret police and the last place you wanted to go under the former communist left government.  The building is now a museum and it walks you through the dark years of Hungary’s past, starting in 1940s all the way up to the fall of communism. Although this would be our second visit,
We spent the morning sightseeing Szeged before jumping on a train for Budapest. The plan is to get our tour somewhat back on track by skipping parts of the Hungarian Great Plains
Today was all about sightseeing Budapest; however, before doing that we needed 4 train tickets to Romania, so after eating breakfast our first stop was the main train station. [caption id="attachment_2507" align="alignleft" width="300"] The 06:40 IC to Brasov![/caption] Initially we visited the “I” window (information) to ask about a train and the lady behind the counter couldn’t have been more rude and unhelpful if she tried.  After putting down
Our plans have changed slightly, but we are still hoping to make it to Romania. Here is the issue, the German Bahn (Train) people could only guarantee us a train ride to Budapest with our bikes, so this is where we are after 15 hours and 5 train transfers. We are pretty beat, so after a quick blurb and a hot shower it's lights out.

It only took us a few extra months, but we finally put together a few webpages highlighting our most recent bicycle tour through Czech, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. We've added a small sample of photos for you to view, information about the places we stayed...