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Our plans have changed slightly, but we are still hoping to make it to Romania. Here is the issue, the German Bahn (Train) people could only guarantee us a train ride to Budapest with our bikes, so this is where we are after 15 hours and 5 train transfers. We are pretty beat, so after a quick blurb and a hot shower it’s lights out. Tomorrow morning we will go visit the Hungarian train station and see about getting a train for Monday to Brasov, Romania and if we understand the Hungarian’s train website it should not be an issue, but we’ll see.

Although it has been a very long day, our arrival into Budapest was something to remember. Today Hungary celebrated “National Day”, so as we rolled out of the Buda tunnel in front of the Chain Bridge we were greeted with a massive fireworks display up and down the Donau River. It was definitely something worth seeing and it was a great way to end a very long day.

Here is a very short clip from the 45 minutes or so of the fireworks.


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